June 18, 2024

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LEA Professional Immerses Audiences at Bieszczady Cultural Heritage Center

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The local government near Poland’s Bieszczady Mountains undertook a project to expand tourist offerings and educate people on the region’s history and culture. The outcome of this project was the creation of the Bieszczady Cultural Heritage Center, which is brought to life through immersive AV, with help from amplifiers by LEA Professional. 

Known locally as Bieszczadzkie Centrum Dziedzictwa Kulturowego, the center was built on the grounds of a former refinery. The cultural center includes multimedia rooms, three exhibition zones, and a concert hall. However, the primary attraction is an audiovisual show about multiculturalism, the richness of nature, the age of oil, and the economic development of the Bieszczady Mountains. It is organized in a specially designed room where the content is conveyed by influencing the senses and immersing viewers in virtual reality.

LEA Professional brings immersive audio experiences to life at Bieszczady Cultural Heritage Center.

(Image credit: LEA Professional)

Creating an immersive AV experience of this nature hadn’t been undertaken in the area before, so venue staff collaborated closely with Tomasz Zalewski, technical director of Group AV, to achieve the intended goal by implementing the audio system. The heritage center recognized that audio was equally important in immersing guests in the storytelling of the region’s history and culture.


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