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New York Celebrates Asian Culture and Diversity Through the Vibrant AAAAH! Weekend Event

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Published October 4, 2023

New York, NY – Following a week marked by heavy rain and significant flooding, New York’s resilient spirit emerges undaunted. From September 30th to October 1st, at 68 Franklin St, a symphony of colors, emotions, and cultural tales prepares to unfold, defying the dreariness left by the storm clouds. The AAAAH! Weekend unveils a two-day event encompassing an art exhibition, “Reality Begets the Extraordinary Illusion,” a design fair, and an art salon. This event not only stood as a testament to the city’s indefatigable spirit but also a celebration of Asian art and culture in all its splendid diversity, having attracted thousands of visitors.

Photo credit: Haoyu Zhao

AAAAH! (Asian Artist and Activities Hub), an organization rooted in the belief that art is not just a reflection of culture, but a dynamic, evolving entity that shapes and reshapes cultural narratives, breaking away from cultural stereotypes and showcase the vibrant characteristics of contemporary Asian culture.

AAAAH! gives a physical space for over 50 independent Asian artists to present their artworks and thus offer a unique lens through which to view the diverseness and richness of modern Asian culture. This unmissable event is not only a manifestation of visual arts but also a symphony of cultural experiences that will tantalize all senses – vision, hearing, taste, and smell.

Photo credit: Lily Zhai

One of the highlights of the event is the art exhibition titled “Reality Begets the Extraordinary Illusion”. In a particular nod towards feminine power, the event is set to spotlight artworks from a select group of female artists, encapsulating concepts of beauty, tranquility, and steadfastness. Artists such as Jingyi Gao, Yineng Fang, Chaozhuo Yu (Heather), CHELSEA (CHUYUAN) NING, Yiran Tsui, and Zhaoyi Mu (Joy) explore different mediums and styles to portray multifaceted reflections of reality and address social dynamics, lifestyles, and the unfolding of human history, ensuring a rich and immersive visitor experience, curated by Yubing Li, Yimeng Sun and Hanxiong Liu.

Photo credit: Zixiao

AAAAH! Weekend not only welcomes visual art aficionados but also opens its doors to food and beverage lovers, with delightful offerings from brands like Möge Tee, Bloom Bites, Moshi Sparkling Drink, and Sanzo Sparkling Water, promising to offer a taste of Asian culture quite literally.

“We are dedicated not only to showcasing the diversity of Asian civilized art through art but also to integrating Asian cuisine, allowing people to experience Asian culture in all aspects from vision, hearing, taste, and smell.” Said the organizer of AAAAH! Culture.

Photo credit: Lily Zhai

Laying a strong emphasis on inclusivity, AAAAH! ensures that the event is inclusive and pet-friendly, curating an environment where every individual, regardless of their abilities or the companions they bring along, can comfortably immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of contemporary Asian culture.

Photo credit: Haoyu Zhao

For those who’d like a sneak peek or to engage in a digital rendezvous with the Asian arts and cultural showcase, follow @aaaah.culture on Instagram for more information and live updates from the event. Join the future AAAAH! Weekend events and become a part of a cultural mosaic where traditional and contemporary Asian arts and culture coalesce, transcending boundaries and weaving a rich tapestry of experiences that remain etched in memory, long after the event concludes.

Aaaah! Team: Mouhui Sun, Ulaan (Yang Yu), Xiaofan Jiang, Michelle Wang, Jai Dong, Hanx Liu, Ye Tian, VV Weiyu Tian, Ziyu Zhang, Xianjie Du, Yimeng Sun, Yubing Li, Effy Ma, Yiran Sun, Betty Shihan Zhang.

Photography Credits: Haoyu Zhao, Zixuan Wang, Shu Tang, Zixiao, Lily Zhai, Zixiao Huang

Special thanks are extended to Blublu Art for their expert curation and UAAD for outstanding PR and Promotion Support.

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