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Newmarket improving Fairy Lake Park, while preserving natural area

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Town considering longer-term capital projects, ongoing maintenance and improvements —including a wind phone — while respecting the natural environment

The Town of Newmarket is exploring capital improvements to popular Fairy Lake Park, while continuing to maintaining its natural features.

The municipality has upgraded the washrooms at the park, and is exploring more changes as part of capital planning, according to director of parks and facility services Kristi Carlen.

Other parts of the park will also be under consideration for improvements, Carlen added.

“Within Fairy Lake Park, we’re just trying to maintain the space as a big, beautiful open space for those in the community to come and use,” she said. “There are things like the pavilion which we will include in our multi-year plan and look for opportunities to update.” 

Newmarket Mayor John Taylor addressed a question regarding improvements at Fairy Lake Park and its washroom at his April town hall event, suggesting that could progress.

The town is considering additional washroom improvements, Carlen said, after some upgrades this season, with fresh paint on the floors and walls and new sinks and faucets.

As part of multi-year capital plans, she said they are doing condition assessments on all of their park amenities.

“We wanted to make sure we’re making data-driven decisions,” she said.

Other areas up for consideration are the gazebos. The town will also explore replacing the boardwalk on the east side of the river, pending budget approval.

The town is planning to install a wind phone at Fairy Lake Park, a concept where individuals can have a one-way conversation with a deceased loved one.

There are no major projects planned at the park this time, but Carlen said they continue trying to keep up maintenance at the park.

That has come with measures to push events out of the park and to Riverwalk Commons, Carlen said.

“To keep it a more natural area for people to enjoy,” she said. 

Geese are a common sight in the park and have previously caused concern among council members. But Carlen said the town maintains a goose management strategy of naturalizing shoreline and cleaning up droppings. Studies have not shown a need to deviate to larger measures, she said.

“We continue to monitor the geese population, and when required, we’ll implement site-specific management,” she said, adding that the population is currently stable.”It’s that balance between wildlife and people in the community that we’re focused on.”

Anyone with concerns about facilities is encouraged to contact the town, Carlen said. Customer service can be reached at [email protected] or 905-895-5193.

“We really highly encourage anyone, if they do have concerns with a facility, they contact us because we can definitely go and assist with any kind of maintenance and repairs,” she said.


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