June 18, 2024

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Promoting Egypt’s Cultural Heritage and National Capacities

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In a significant step towards preserving and promoting Egypt’s cultural heritage, UNESCO and the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC) have joined forces by signing an Implementation Partnership Agreement (IPA). This collaboration aims to enhance the capacities of NMEC in various areas, including fundraising and marketing, conservation practices, scientific labs, library facilities, publication and communication strategies, language skills, and IT capabilities.

With a strong history of collaboration dating back to 1960, when the UNESCO International Campaign to Save the Monuments of Nubia was launched, the partnership between UNESCO and Egypt has yielded remarkable results. The campaign successfully rescued 22 monuments in Nubia from the submersion threat caused by the Aswan High Dam construction. Building upon this success, the Executive Committee for the International Campaign for the Establishment of the Nubia Museum in Aswan and the NMEC in Cairo was created in 1980, following a General Conference resolution.

Since the approval of the NMEC support project in 2008, UNESCO’s Regional Office in Cairo has been providing invaluable assistance in establishing the NMEC as a key institution responsible for preserving and showcasing Egypt’s cultural heritage. With its formal opening in April 2021, the NMEC became an autonomous authority.

The IPA between UNESCO and NMEC, under the Culture Programme of UNESCO’s Regional Office in Cairo, aims further to enhance the capabilities of NMEC through targeted activities. The objectives of the IPA include strengthening fundraising and marketing plans, enhancing conservation practices, assessing scientific labs and library facilities, developing comprehensive publication and communication strategies, improving the language skills of NMEC staff, and providing technical support for IT capabilities.

To achieve these objectives, the IPA outlines a range of activities. These activities include conducting a thorough analysis of fundraising needs and opportunities, developing a tailored fundraising and marketing plan, identifying necessary conservation materials and facilitating their procurement, assessing scientific labs and providing required materials and equipment, evaluating the library facility and improving its functionality through necessary resources, developing a comprehensive publication, communication, and visibility strategy, enhancing language skills of selected staff members through training programs, enrolling eligible staff members in museum studies and diploma programs for professional development, and providing technical support to enhance IT capabilities.

This partnership between UNESCO and NMEC holds great promise for preserving and promoting Egypt’s cultural heritage. The IPA’s activities and deliverables will contribute to the long-term sustainability of NMEC, enable the implementation of best practices in conservation and research, enhance communication and outreach efforts, and empower staff members with advanced skills and knowledge. Ultimately, this collaboration will ensure the continued safeguarding and appreciation of Egypt’s invaluable cultural heritage for future generations.


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