February 21, 2024

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The Asian Supermarket At Hello Oriental Food Hall Is Closing

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One of our favourite Asian food spots in Manchester is Hello Oriental, packed to the rafters with incredible Korean, Japanese and Chinese cuisine, to name just a few, and of course, the Asian supermarket below ground level which inspires a madness in us comparable to a kid in a candy shop. Now, though, we are unfortunately adding the Hello Oriental supermarket to our growing list of Manchester spots to say goodbye to, as it becomes the third business to be closing in just four days of 2024.

Following the announcements from veggie favourite Greens and Asian-inspired restaurant Cottonopolis, Hello Oriental is a relatively new opening to be closing so soon, and its impact will be felt. On the up side, the restaurant and bakery will remain open, and the supermarket space is set to house something exciting, although there’s speculation as to what that could be.

Credit: Hello Oriental

Word has spread about the possibility of opening a gaming arcade in the space, which would go nicely with the neon design and dark interiors, as well as many of the best video games hailing from Asia. There’s also the prospect of expanding the Hello Oriental karaoke offering into the supermarket space, which of course would be a delightful addition, slightly healing the wound of the closing news.

If you’ve ever been there to eat, however, you’ll know how popular it is. Just off Oxford Road in Circle Square, the complex is beautiful and the food does it justice, if you get a table that is. With this in mind, owners have also been envisioning the supermarket space as extra room for tables, meaning more Mancs can enjoy the cuisine on offer. None of these are a bad idea, in our opinion.

With the supermarket closing, Hello Oriental is running 20% off this month, not just on the supermarket produce but their full menu, too. So fill your boots and access the discount here.

Opened by owner Ricky Yip, the brain behind Manchester icons like K2 Karaoke, Hello Oriental has been successful since the day it opened in 2022. The restaurant serves all things Oriental (obviously) including delicious pho, noodles, dim sum and so much more, with the supermarket selling all you need to create Oriental dishes at home, alongside intriguing snacks like matcha Kit Kats and mochi.

We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for what’s to come, whether it be an arcade, karaoke or something we haven’t even thought of.

Visit Hello Oriental before the supermarket closes at the end of the month at Unit 3B, South Pavilion, 2 Symphony Park, Manchester M1 7FS.


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